Identity is a duplicate file finder for Mac OS X. You can use it to scan one or more folders and it will find the files that are exact duplicates of other files in those folders, no matter what they're named. You can then examine the duplicate files and choose to move some of them to the Trash.

Identity uses MD5 checksums to check if two files are exactly the same. It won't find similar files (different sizes of the same photo, conversions from one format to another, old versions of a document that you later updated). It won't guess that two files are the same because their names are the same. Only exact duplicates will be found.

Identity will not delete your files. It will only move them to the Trash. Please make sure that you've made the right choices before you empty the Trash. If you decide to not delete files that you've used Identity to Trash, you can use the "File > Put Back" command in the Finder to restore them to their old locations.

This software is released for no charge, and comes with absolutely no warranty. Use it at your own risk. Identity has only been tested on OS X Version 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

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