Aneel Nazareth

Badlands National Park, 2011

I'm an adventurer, coder, traveler, diver, photographer, and motorcyclist.

I went to college at MIT, where I lived at TepXi and got a degree in Math with CS.

I was born in New York, grew up mostly in Connecticut, lived in Boston during college, and moved to San Francisco after I graduated. After 11 years there, I got on my motorcycle and rode off into the sunrise.

I eventually settled in Austin, where I have bought a house with Adrienne Foreman. I continue to wander as much as I can.

I keep a travelogue and take quite a few pictures.

I track what I read, and what I listen to, and where I've been.

Chances are good that I'm not looking for work when you read this, but here's my resume in Plain Text, HTML, and PDF (single page).