SF to Austin

A road trip with Adrienne from San Francisco to Austin. Full Screen Map

When I left my apartment in San Francisco, I put all of the stuff that had sentimental value or would be hard to replace into a storage unit in downtown San Francisco. On my frequent visits to the Bay Area, I'd stop by the unit and drop off some things and pick up others. Having moved into an apartment in Austin, it was time to finally empty the storage unit out.

Adrienne and I flew to San Francisco and spent some time there hanging out with various friends. We rented a truck, emptied out the storage unit, stopped in Oakland to pick up a sculpture by my friend Dan Good, and hit the road.

We did a bunch of camping along the way, stopping just outside Yosemite National Park, in Great Basin National Park, at KOAs in Ely NV and Moab UT, and just outside Carlsbad Caverns National Park. We stayed in a nice hotel in Colorado Springs. We went on some great hikes, and visited two caves and saw thousands of bats flying around. We also saw a mountain lion and some javelinas. We stopped at some fun microbreweries and had some memorable meals. And we unpacked the truck with time to spare on the rental.