Aneel Nazareth

Badlands National Park, 2011

I'm an adventurer, coder, traveler, diver, photographer, and motorcyclist.

I went to college at MIT, where I lived at TepXi and got a degree in Math with CS.

I was born in New York, grew up mostly in Connecticut, lived in Boston during college, and moved to San Francisco after I graduated. After 11 years there, I got on my motorcycle and rode off into the sunrise.

I eventually settled in Austin, where I have bought a house with Adrienne Foreman. I continue to wander as much as I can.

I keep a travelogue and take quite a few pictures. Flickr

I track what I read, and what I listen to, and where I've been.

Chances are good that I'm not looking for work when you read this, but here's my resume.